Desiree Tucker, LVN, BHA

women's groupDesiree Tucker, LVN, BHA and wife of Dr. Lawrence Tucker, has been the support, and woman behind the scenes. She is a strong woman who believes that family is first and that balance can be achieved, but sometimes hard to keep.

She was raised in Los Angeles, California, a place that moves fast, can swallow you up and run you over. She decided not to become a victim of circumstance, but to rise to the occasion, and learn from every experience, no matter how painful it may have been. Her family culture was different, so it was hard for her to discover her true self. She is biracial, therefore, she struggled with her identity. There was much to be proud of herself and her family, however, she was determined to break the cycle of having numerous kids, limited education and simply hoping for the best.

She became focused, driven, and developed a no-nonsense attitude that has helped her accomplish her goals. Desiree had a strained relationship with her dad, whom she lived with during her teenage years. She felt hurt, disappointed and abandoned by him. After discontinuing communication with him for several years, she later decided to rebuild a new relationship with him. Desiree had her first son at the age of 23, and eventually became a single parent. Being a single parent was difficult, however, she remained motivated. She did not want her son to experience some of the events she had experienced. She didn’t want her son raised in an environment, where staying alive was the main focus of the day.
women's group

Since she had already initiated her nursing education before having her son, she pursued her license as a Vocational Nurse (LVN). While working at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Los Angeles, she met her husband, Dr. Lawrence Tucker. They dated for a year and got married soon after. The couple has a blended family of three sons, and two daughters. While being a stay at home mom, Desiree returned to school and received her bachelor’s degree in Health Administrations. After residing in West Los Angeles for several years, the couple decided to relocate to the state of Texas. Desiree has always been a California girl, however, after visiting the Lone Star State, the couple decided Texas would be a great place to raise their children.

Desiree has hosted a women’s group, and uses groups as a platform where women are able to network and share information that could inspire one another. Desiree travels annually, to a Christian Women’s retreat in Ontario, California, where her close friend and First Lady, Rhonda Culton, hosts a remarkable retreat that is dedicated to women. She also attends the Pat Smith, Christian Women’s Retreat in Frisco, TX. Desiree also mentors at risk youth and has hosted groups along with author, Sicola Elliott. She has coached individuals of all ages, mentored youth during their high school years (obtain diploma), and has helped women with parenting, decision making, as well as, coaching couples.

In addition, Desiree believes that we, as individuals, need to provide a place where families can connect and receive information that can help them be better parents, listeners and supporters. Finally, Desiree is a Life Coach who specializes in, “Real-Life”, coaching, because everything doesn’t always happen the way it should! Call her for your Life Coach session today.

Desiree specializes in:

  • Family Altercations & Disputes
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Women’s Group
  • Women Mentoring

Desiree Tucker, LVN, BHA
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