ADHD And The Holidays

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The holiday season is a busy time. Between traveling to visit family, entertaining guests and going to seasonal events, your family routine is bound to be disrupted. To a child with ADHD, the excitement and anticipation surrounding holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah can be overwhelming.  The combination of your ADHD child’s excitement and the schedule changes can lead to behavioral issues.

Here are some tips for helping your child enjoy the holiday festivities on their best behavior.

  • Maintain as much of a routine as possible. Children with ADHD thrive on a consistent schedule. Try not to overbook the family.
  • Be proactive. Think about the problems that may develop. Talk to their Orange County psychiatrist about behavioral expectations and how to avoid conflicts.
  • Make a holiday calendar to keep where everyone can see it. Include all special school events, like assemblies and parties, as well as visits with family. Your child will feel more prepared and you can talk about your expectations before each event.
  • Remind your child that different households will have different rules.
  • Set gift rules ahead of time. This can be anything from agreeing on a specific time for gifts so they won’t keep asking to have them throw the gift-wrap away in between each present.