Autistic Brains Are Active, Even At Rest

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The results of a new study have shown that brain activity among autistic children is significantly more active while at rest than that of non-autistic children—on average, 42%. The study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, was a followup to a previous finding that brain connections are different in autistic children. The results showed that autistic children’s brains generate much more information than those of non-autistic children.

The researchers believe this finding offers a scientific explanation for the most common trait of autism: withdrawing into one’s own world. The excess information produced might explain a child’s detachment from their environment and from social situation. This is very exciting news for every autism specialist who has struggled to understand the mind of an autistic child. The more autism is understood, the more treatment can be improved for the children, which will lead to a better quality of life.