The Bipolar Diet: Five Foods To Eat During Mania

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The best treatment plan for bipolar disorder includes a mixture of regular sessions with a mental health therapist, medication and a healthy lifestyle. Part of a healthy lifestyle includes a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. As we’ve previously mentioned, adding certain foods to your diet—as well as avoiding certain foods and additives—can help you stabilize your moods if you have bipolar disorder. But there are also some foods you can eat that will help calm your nerves during your times of mania.

While many bipolar patients love their manic periods, there are times when they can get out of control. Add these five foods to your diet during your times of mania to help lower your stress levels and improve the effectiveness of your medication:

1. Berries. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries have antioxidants and vitamin C that will regulate your cortisol levels and keep your stress from spiking.

2. Dairy products. Dairy products high in riboflavin like cheese and yogurt can help settle your nerves.

3. Apples and oranges. Apples and oranges are great for boosting immunity.

4. Dark chocolate. Chocolate is a natural comfort food, but go for antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

5. Herbal tea. Chamomile tea has calming effects and will help settle your stomach if your medication upsets it.