College Students With Mental Illness More Likely To Drop Out

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According to a recent study from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a staggering 64% of college students with mental health issues will end up dropping out of school. The majority of these teens struggle with depression, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse and addiction. The students drop out because of pressure, lack of motivation, and poor grade point averages leading to a loss in financial aid.

There are many reasons these students don’t seek help, the biggest ones being fear of stigmatization or denial of the severity of the problem. 38% of the dropouts surveyed claimed they didn’t know how to access a mental help therapist when they needed one. While progress has been made regarding mental health stigma and education, it is clear that many young people clearly fear getting the help they need for fear of being labeled.

Never be scared to talk to your teen about mental health issues. Having an honest discussion with your teen and reassuring them that there is nothing wrong with seeking help is the first step toward getting them on track for a bright future. Whether your child is still in middle school or has already begun their college years, finding them a good mental health therapist can save years of struggle.

Dr. Lawrence Tucker has worked extensively with troubled kids and teens and specializes in mood disorders, personality disorders and addiction recovery. To make an appointment for a consultation, visit his Contact page.