How Creative Activity Helps Depression

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Singer Katy Perry recently admitted that writing songs for her newly released album, Prism, helped her overcome the depression she had after her December 2011 divorce from Russell Brand. 2012 was a sad year for her, she said, even admitting to having some suicidal thoughts after the divorce. Katy is past her depression now but credits the album with helping her through it. And while there is no substitute for professional help for clinical depression, evidence shows that creative therapy can enhance the recovery process.

A daily committed practice such as painting, dancing or writing can help people with depression believe that their lives have meaning. The idea of using creative therapy to help express inner thoughts goes way back in time, but it has only been a recognized supplement to therapy in the United States for around 50 years. For someone with depression, a creative outlet can be a way to break barriers that could be blocking psychotherapy. If you’re currently undergoing treatment for depression, ask your Orange County psychiatrist for a reference to some art therapy studios or commit to your own daily creative practice.