Depressed? It’s Time For Therapy And Antidepressants

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Many people try to handle their depression on their own. But if you’re like most people and you’ve struggled with moderate to severe depression, you should be engaging in two simultaneous treatments: therapy and antidepressant medication. Many people opt for one or the other or do nothing at all. In making that choice, they can short-change their chances at a faster recovery.

If you’ve been struggling with depression, look into behavioral health services in your area. Be honest about your symptoms. There is still a stigma surrounding mental illness medication and antidepressants, but needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that people can expect a full recovery from their depressive episodes when they employ this double-barrel approach to treatment. The study found that four out of five people suffering from moderate to severe depression experienced a full recovery with cognitive behavioral therapy combined with antidepressant medication.

While antidepressants alone will help, as will talking to a psychiatrist about your problems, utilizing both together seems to be the best way to beat depression. If you’ve been suffering, it’s time to reach out.