Dr. Tucker Contributes To New Book: Failure To Launch

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By Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D.Dr. Tucker is excited to announce that he has contributed to Failure To Launch, Guiding Clinicians to Successfully Motivate the Long-Dependent, a new book by Dr. Michael D. Devine. The book will be available for purchase June 2013.

About The Book

Failure to Launch is a book geared towards helping clinicians work with dependent adult children. The book first attempts to define the problem of failure to launch as well as identify the underlying causes such as entitlement, narcissism, enabling family systems, and undiagnosed mental health problems. Failure to Launch also lays out a step-by-step treatment plan to help guide clinicians with these clients to help facilitate change. The book includes case studies, sample chapters, and the latest research to help illustrate the theoretical basis for the treatments in this book.

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