Five Tips For Dealing With Difficult People

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It’s one thing to take care of your own mental health and well-being. If you have healthy habits, stay away from addictive substances and see your Costa Mesa therapist, you’re probably feeling good about your overall health. Unfortunately, you can’t control the mental health of others, and you’re bound to come across some difficult people in your everyday life. Whether it’s a colleague, a family member or someone in your social circle, here are five tips for dealing with challenging people:

1. Keep your cool. This is easier said than done. When someone is rude or offensive, your first instinct is to get angry. But before you say something you might regret, take a deep breath, steady yourself, and silently ask yourself if they are worth it.

2. Separate the human from their behavior. When someone acts a certain way, there’s always a reason behind it. And since you can’t force someone to see a mental health therapist, just remember they’re facing their own battle.

3. Put it on them. When someone acts out or says something rude, simply say “I won’t engage with you when you’re being disrespectful. Is that what you want? Let me know.”

4. Distance yourself. Do not engage unless you absolutely have to.

5. Calmly confront them on their behavior. Sometimes, simply explaining the way they come across to you is enough to get them to understand and try to change their