The Health and Therapeutic Benefits of Women’s Group Therapy

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Going to see a mental health therapist for the first time can be scary for some women. For this reason and many others, women’s group therapy is often regarded as the treatment of choice. Women’s groups offer a loving, supportive environment where honesty is encouraged and accepted. They help women realize they can nurture themselves as well as others. They also have some excellent therapeutic and health benefits that traditional therapy may not be able to provide.

The biggest advantage of support group therapy is in helping women realize that they are not alone, that other people have similar problems and struggles. This is often a huge relief to someone who may have spent her whole life wondering if she was alone in her thoughts. Women in support groups can take their social masks off, express anger and sadness if need be, and reveal all parts of themselves. Being able to open up without fear of being judged or hurting someone they love makes them feel accepted and allows them to begin the healing process.

Such relief can have a dramatic positive effect on stress levels. Learning coping strategies, another benefit to women’s group sessions, also lowers stress. Since high stress levels can contribute to heart disease, chronic illness and early death in women, attending group therapy sessions can benefit physical health as well as mental health.

In studies comparing group therapy to individual therapy sessions, group therapy has been shown to be just as effective and is sometimes even more effective. Even though the attention isn’t as individualized, the support and challenge each woman feels during group therapy may speed up the healing process. Since emotional wounds happen within the context of relationships, it makes sense that healing is achieved in the same context.

The women who attend group therapy sessions often find strength and empowerment through helping each other as well as receiving help. Assisting others can renew their sense of self-worth, helping them realize that they are useful and needed. In addition, group therapy is often more cost effective than individual counseling sessions. Reducing the financial stress will help the patients focus more on helping themselves and others get better.

Group therapy sessions including women’s group sessions are currently held jointly by Orange County psychiatrist Dr. Tucker and his wife, Desiree Tucker. Desiree is a strong woman who has overcome many obstacles and struggles throughout her life, so she is compassionate to the struggles of other women. She specializes in Family disputes, youth mentoring, women’s group and women’s mentoring.

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