How Many Athletes Could Use an Orange County Psychiatrist?

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Even before the completion of the recent Dallas Cowboys football stadium, the DFW has been well-known for its heavy investment in professional sports. It’s no surprise that the Metroplex is home to many pro players and countless high school and college athletes hoping to make it to the big time. The pressure to perform and the physical toughness required of athletes can take a serious mental toll. But athletes are expected to just suck it up and keep on playing. As a recent NYT article pointed out, medical personnel rush to the field when someone pulls a hamstring, but no one is rushing to assist athletes when they suffer from depression, anxiety or even suicidal thoughts. Coaches don’t know the signs, and players may be afraid to admit to “weakness” by reaching out.

If you are a serious athlete struggling with mental health issues all alone, you need to know that a Orange County psychiatrist can help. Unlike sports psychology which may focus on just helping you boost your game performance over the short term, sports psychiatry is about helping you perform better at life in the long term. It could literally be a life saver for you and your family. This isn’t a challenge you should face alone. You need a teammate you can rely on. Contact Dr. Tucker today to schedule a completely confidential consultation to help you win the game that matters.