Join the Circle of Support With Our Women’s Group

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Are you looking for a place to turn when life gets tough? Does life seem to be tough all the time? If you’re a woman living in the 21st century, the answer is probably yes to both questions. Our women’s group offers a private, supportive and safe environment for you to speak authentically about the challenges you face.

Why Surround Yourself with New People?

In our culture, we’re often encouraged to turn to one of three support systems when we need help:

Ourselves: While self-reliance is certainly a wonderful character trait, it’s one that can be taken too far. We are all interdependent beings who are intended to live in community. Turning inward can actually make some life problems worse since it makes us feel more isolated. We think no one understands because we don’t hear any story but our own. We also don’t get access to advice from others who have been down the same road and learned valuable lessons along the way. It’s time to open up and let others help us.

Friends: Aren’t our friends supposed to be there for us in the hard times? Absolutely! However, you may find yourself “dumping” on your trusted friends more than you’d like. This can lead to strained relationships as your friends feel drained. When you are venting your problems to them all the time, there isn’t the give and take needed to sustain a balanced friendship. Having a separate support group lightens the load on your cherished friendships by giving you more people to lean on.

Family: Now here’s where things get really touchy! If you are fortunate to have a loving and supportive family (many people don’t), you may still have lots of issues that you can’t really address with them directly – at least not yet. Often, the ones closest to you including your spouse, parents and children are the people who increase your stress the most. Having a discussion with them about your needs can feel like a minefield. That’s another excellent reason to have a place you can go where your real words are heard without the filter of past experiences clouding the issues. A women’s group can be a great place to get clarity about how you’d really like your life to be.