Do You Know A Narcissist?

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There are plenty of arrogant people in the world, but having an inflated sense of self worth does not make someone a narcissist. A selfish person puts their own needs and desires first without taking others into consideration. But narcissists cut others off, become emotionally isolated and lose all ability to feel empathy for others. While narcissism typically results from a traumatic event, it can still be difficult to understand.

Some symptoms of narcissism include:

  • Believing that he or she is special and unique and should only associate with other “special” people
  • Requiring excessive admiration
  • Exploiting others for his or her own gains
  • Having an inflated sense of self-importance
  • Acting envious of others while believing others are envious of him or her

Unfortunately, bringing up symptoms of narcissism to a narcissist is extremely difficult. If you think someone you love might be inflicted, they could get extremely defensive or mean if you bring it up. But there is hope: with proper treatment from a mental health therapist trained to deal with trauma, a narcissistic person can recover and learn to love and empathize again. And for those who love them (and the narcissists themselves) this may be worth an awkward conversation and behavioral therapy.