Mental Health And Pet Ownership

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Having a pet is a huge responsibility, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Dogs especially require a lot of time, patience, exercise and money to stay happy and healthy. That being said, numerous studies have shown that pet ownership can help tremendously with mental health issues, especially depression. While a pet can never replace proper mental health treatment at an orange county counseling center, if you have the means, adopting a furry friend may be worth looking into.

Pets offer a soothing presence. Studies indicate that even watching fish in an aquarium lowers blood pressure and muscle tension in people about to undergo oral surgery, which is why you see so many aquariums in dental offices. People recovering from physical ailments and heart attacks recover better when they have pets at home. In addition, pets offer us unconditional love and acceptance. It’s hard to let yourself fall into a funk with an excited dog or cat awaiting you at the end of the day. Finally, pets make us more responsible, and responsibility promotes mental health.

If you’d like to bring a pet into your life to improve your mental health, do your research and talk to your psychiatrist. It’s a big decision, but having a pet may be very beneficial to your well-being.