National Depression Screening Day is October 11

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Since October is Depression Awareness Month, the goal within the health community is to spread knowledge and understanding to the general public. Depression affects around 19 million American adults every year,  some of which may go untreated otherwise. Anyone who thinks they may have depression is highly encouraged to participate in National Depression Screening Day on October 11.

Health screenings provide a quick and simple way to spot the first signs of serious illness. Clinical depression is a common mental illness, so these screenings are an essential part of preventative medicine. October 11 is designated as Depression Screening Day in order to raise awareness, but these health screenings will be encouraged throughout the month of October. To set up your own screening, contact a psychiatrist in Plano Texas like Dr. Tucker. And while an online quiz is no substitute for a Costa Mesa psychiatrist, this short test may help you determine your best course of action.