Need a Dallas Psychiatrist With Neurology Knowledge?

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There’s a reason that board certification for both psychiatry and neurology is managed by a single organization (the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology). But the fact is that many psychiatrists have little experience or knowledge with neurology. It’s a specialty they simply don’t deal with as a part of their everyday practice. A doctor who isn’t able to look at the whole mind/brain picture may sometimes miss important clues to what is really going on with a patient. Fortunately, DFW area families have Dr. Tucker to turn to for help. His training and research in neuroscience fields give him a broader perspective as a Dallas psychiatrist. Here’s just one example of the kind of difference this can make in real lives (from RateMD):

“We were desperate to find a doctor that not only practiced psychiatry, but neurology as well. My son has been seen by MANY doctors and they couldn’t figure out his diagnosis or how to properly treat him…Dr. Tucker was able to take the time to properly diagnose my 16 year old son and treat him with appropriate meds without over-medicating him. Dr. Tucker has a compassionate and caring way of dealing with my son and with me as a mother of a son with a multitude of mental health problems, such as paranoid schizophrenia along with a seizure disorder. I am so grateful for his excellent care; it saved my son’s life.”