Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition affecting millions of children, as well as adults. Children with ADHD often present as a collection of issues, including impulsive behavior, over-looking details, problems with staying focused, and even hyperactivity. ADHD can affect even very young children, and often persists into adulthood.

Children and adults with ADHD may struggle with poor performance at school and work.  They often have trouble maintaining relationships and struggle with increasingly low self esteem, as well with depression and anxiety. These problems can become worse overtime if proper treatment is not provided.

While ADHD cannot be “cured”, the symptoms can be brought under control and managed with behavioral intervention, medication, or both. A psychiatrist, can prescribe medication and/or set up therapy sessions to help modify behavior and teach coping mechanisms.

Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to treat ADHD, and can make a significant difference in the rest of the individual’s life. Developmental problems such as language delays can be mistaken for ADHD, so children of preschool age or younger who show signs of having ADHD should be evaluated as soon as possible by a psychiatrist to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.