Find a New Psychiatrist in Orange County CA

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psychiatrist in plano txAre you looking for a new psychiatrist in Orange County CA? Perhaps your current mental health therapist has relocated or retired. Ideally, your existing psychiatrist should make every effort to help you transition to a new provider rather than just leaving you in the lurch. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes events in life move quickly and patients get left at a moment’s notice without the help they need.

Or, maybe the decision to stop seeing your current psychiatrist was your choice. There are lots of reasons you might be seeking another provider – and all of them are perfectly valid. For example:

  • You may have found that your psychiatrist just doesn’t have the right personality to set you at ease
  • You might simply have reached the point where they have tried all the treatments they are familiar with and you need to seek further assistance from a specialist with more experience and training
  • Perhaps you just moved to the Orange County area from elsewhere in the Metroplex (or even from out of state) and the drive to see your old psychiatrist is too long
  • Maybe you’ve been seeing a psychologist or therapist and it’s time to see a psychiatrist so you can begin a course of medication or get help managing your current medications

Starting over with a new psychiatrist may seem like a daunting task, but it is well worth the effort. The important thing is that you are trying to find a provider instead of abandoning your treatment goals. You deserve the best mental healthcare from a trusted and highly skilled provider in your local area. Stick with it through this unsettling time, and contact Dr. Tucker as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.

You Can Feel at Ease Sooner Than You Think

Fortunately, Dr. Tucker has a great track record for helping patients feel comfortable with his blend of competence and compassion. You’ll find that it only takes a few visits before you feel like you’ve known him for years. In fact, he’s very familiar with helping patients make the transition from another provider. Here’s a review from one of those patients (from

“I first saw Dr. Tucker after Dr. Clements abruptly & mysteriously quit practicing at the Clements Clinic in Plano. It was a hectic time for Dr. Tucker; however, he was professional and thorough. He ordered blood work which Dr. Clements had never done. He followed up with me soon after he received the results. He is very knowledgeable in the area of HRT and how that affects women as we age. I found his bedside manner superb. He was professional and thorough and the regimen he prescribed is working well thus far. I highly recommend him.”