Old Drugs, New Tricks: Suramin Reverses Autism Symptoms In Mice

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New autism research is being done all the time with the hopes of furthering our knowledge of autism and Asperger’s treatment. And now a drug from 1916 once used to treat sleeping sickness, Suramin, is being re-examined for the treatment of autism. Researchers at the U.C. San Diego recently performed a study using Suramin on mice, with surprising results.

During the study, researchers administered a dose of Suramin to 25 male mice, while 25 males received a saline injection instead. The mice had all exhibited autism-like behaviors following a virus infection in their mothers during pregnancy. The single dose of Suramin was reported to have corrected the social behaviors seen in the autism spectrum disorder. The mice spent more time interacting with both other mice and objects they had never interacted with before. The benefits lasted for five weeks.

Of course, further research is needed. But many of the researchers are enthusiastic. This study just goes to show that we have many avenues to explore when it comes to the progression of autism and Asperger’s treatment.