Orange County Counseling Group for Teens

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The media likes to portray teens as people who are just interested in playing the latest video games, indulging harmful substances, looking cool, or finding someone to “hook up with”. But teenagers aren’t bad, they aren’t shallow, and they definitely aren’t stupid. In fact, most of them are just under incredible pressure to perform academically or athletically and to conform socially. The challenges they face at home or in school are immense. You know in your heart that your adolescent is really struggling – you just aren’t sure how you can break through all the noise and really help them.

You need an innovative and really effective approach. It’s one that involves taking a step back while still offering a helping hand. Give your child the opportunity to connect with a new peer group that focuses on exploring the topics that affect teens most deeply. Our Orange County counseling group offers a facilitated discussion environment that doesn’t shy away from the tough realities of life for teenagers in today’s world. Finding the path to responsibility and individuality starts with speaking and hearing the truth. Let us help your teen find their way to the life they deserve.