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"In the fall of 2014, my husband became suddenly and terribly ill. In addition to losing more than 10% of his body weight, he lost his mind to delusional anxiety and became completely disabled by psychosis. Doctors in our state’s flagship university hospital could not diagnose or adequately treat. Dr. Tucker was able to stabilize and properly medicate my husband. Importantly and in contrast to the docs in our home state, Dr. Tucker believed what we were saying and was “in the trenches” with us. Eventually my husband was diagnosed with an encephalopathy syndrome (similar to the book Brain On Fire). Dr. Tucker was the linchpin for us on our road to my husband’s complete recovery! Thank you, Dr. Tucker!"–Patient Identity Protected

"I had actively sought treatment in the Dallas area for a mild traumatic brain injury for six years before finding Dr. Tucker. His expertise has helped me have a life again. He is brilliant AND he listens."–Patient Identity Protected

"Dr. Tucker was by far the best psychiatrist I have ever encountered and I have seen a number of them. He was very empathetic, understanding and took the time needed to explain what the results showed and the treatment plan."–Patient Identity Protected

Dr. Tucker was knowledgeable and provided me with insight that was not only pertaining to my reasons for the visits but also others. He was an absolute pleasure to speak to and work with.–Patient Identity Protected

Dr. Tucker was very thorough with Cyndie & I about all the testing results and recommendation . He was very sensitive to what we had to hear about our son and very positive.–Patient Identity Protected

"I would like to add that I was very impressed by the considerate and professional attitude of everyone I encountered through the whole process at your clinic. Amongst the highest standards for any medical/clinical facility I have witnessed."–Patient Identity Protected

"Dr. Tucker was calm and courteous. He was helpful and seemed to empathize with our situation. We appreciate the time he took to actually talk to Chas as it was hard to get accurate information from him. Dr. Tucker was patient and kind with Chas, made him laugh and feel like a human being. We enjoyed our visit with Dr. Tucker."–Patient Identity Protected

“We have had him for almost 2 years, and it has been extremely difficult. While the trauma he has been through is significant, it became clear that it wasn’t just normal PSTD or RAD something else was wrong. We took him to numerous therapist and completed PCIT parent training without any improvement. Before coming to the Amen Clinics he was having 10-12 severe tantrums daily amongst other challenges; during these tantrums furniture has been destroyed and he has often become verbally and physically abusive. He has given me black eyes, and choked, kicked and wrestled other students at school. It is often clear that he feels completely out of control in these situation, and lately he has started to express that he does not like himself after these episodes. I remember sitting and thinking I don't know how I will be able do this as a parent for 18  years.”–Patient Identity Protected

“Coming to the clinic has been such a great experience. Seeing the SPECT Scans was so helpful; it has helped comfort me as a parent  and makes me feel good about the direction we are taking. Since implementing Dr. Tucker’s recommendations we have noticed such a huge change; his tantrums are decreasing and mood is starting to improve. When he does experience moodiness he is able to cope better and calm himself faster. In the past it was difficult to know what triggered his tantrums, but now he is putting his feelings into words. We are actually taking our first family road trip this upcoming week which we would have never dreamed of doing a year ago. It is so neat to see his personality coming out; he is more happy go lucky, communicating, and actually excited about life. Now we have the opportunity to meet our sweet little boy, our real son! We feel so grateful for Dr. Tucker and the clinic.”–Patient Identity Protected

“11 year old Emily has been through at least 5 psychiatrists, neurologists, occupational therapists, Naturopaths, therapists, and has had 5 psychiatric hospitalizations! Her diagnosis has ranged from Mood Disorder, PDD, ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Epilepsy, sensory issues, chiari malformation type 1 and the list goes on. Prior to coming to the clinic she had been tried on at least 11 medications without improvement. Her psychiatrist back home was ready to hospitalize her again for the 6th time. Her SPECT scans revealed ADD Ring of Fire and Temporal Lobe dysfunction. Dr. Tucker recommended medication changes, omegas, neurolink and within the last 2 weeks Emily has made significant improvement. While I'm sure she still has a long road ahead of her, she is for the first time experiencing positive change. Her mom said that she is so thankful for this experience as it has been extremely helpful with identifying which meds Emily should not take and thus far avoiding the hospitalization recommended by her psychiatrist. Some of the next steps include additional labs, MRI, Neurofeedback and family therapy along with continuing her brain healthy diet and cardio exercise. Her mom is very hopeful that they are moving in the right direction and very thankful for Dr. Tucker and the Amen Clinics. She just wishes there was an ACI near them in Chicago.”–Marriage and Family Therapist