Plano Counseling for Anger Management

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Did you know that violence becomes more common as the temperature gets hotter? More than one study has shown that there is a direct increase in violent crimes (especially domestic violence and brawling) in the summer. Some researchers think this is because people are out and about more. Others think it’s because excessive heat makes people irritable, resulting in more aggression. Whatever the reason, you may be at greater risk of lashing out in rage during the next few months if you have a history of anger problems. In Texas, we’re likely to see triple digits very soon – and that can make anyone cranky.

Of course, you can’t blame the weather for your behavior. You always have choices about how you react to every situation in your life. Perhaps you have done things that you regret – maybe you’ve even been instructed by the court system to get help. If you are serious about getting your temper under control before you hurt someone you love, please contact Dr. Tucker right away to set up some Costa Mesa counseling sessions.