Recovery From A Traumatic Brain Injury

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The recovery process from a traumatic brain injury requires patience, dedication and both physical and mental treatments. Since every case is different, every survivor’s treatment and recovery time will vary greatly. However, the sooner the process begins, the faster the injured person can return to their normal life or adjust to whatever their new normal may be.

In addition to the physical symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, the survivor may feel confused, angry, depressed and anxious. Inappropriate behavior and substance abuse is also common as the person attempts to deal with what has happened. Early treatment from a certified mental health professional can greatly improve the survivor’s chances of avoiding these unpleasant side effects.

As a trusted Orange County psychiatrist, Dr. Tucker has studied traumatic brain injuries extensively and specializes in brain injury recovery. He is dedicated to taking the time to treat each injured person individually. Never hesitate to seek mental help for yourself or a loved one who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. If you’re seeking a Orange County psychiatrist, contact Dr. Tucker’s office and get your life back.