Relaxing The Mind

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In today’s harried and always-connected world, it’s often tough to simply find a few minutes to unplug. But doing so is vital to our mental health — whether you are already working with someone for behavioral health services or just need in need of daily re-fresh. While therapy and medication are wonderful resources when used under the proper guidance of a skilled therapist, it is important to take daily steps to nurture your own mental health. At our Orange County counseling office, we help you explore ways to do so. And one of the easiest ways to help your brain relax and be more receptive to therapy is through meditation, which helps increase relaxation, self-awareness, connectedness, focus and much more. Often times, we hear our patients say that they don’t know how to meditate or relax. So, we thought we’d point you to one of our favorite meditation resources: The Chopra Meditation Series. Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s leading minds on the power of meditation and spirituality, has come together with Oprah to lead these wonderful series sessions, which are available several times a year for free. Past ones are available for purchase. The site is also full of free wonderful meditation resources and info on how to get started.