Scientific Studies Increasingly Back Behavioral Therapy For Autism

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Recent years have shown a dramatic increase in scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of behavioral therapy for children affected by autism, according to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. The sooner autistic children begin autism and Asperger’s treatment, the better their odds are for achieving independence later in life.

Amy Weitlauf, a clinical psychologist with the Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center, said there is increasing evidence that early intensive behavioral interventions can be very effective for young children on the autism spectrum, especially related to their cognitive and language skills. In the long run, early intervention saves money by promoting greater independence later in life as well as dramatically increases quality of life for autistic children.

Since there is currently no known cause or cure for autism or Asperger’s, the evidence that behavioral therapy is so effective is great news for any parent of an autistic child. As soon as the earliest signs of autism are displayed, parents should seek treatment from a child psychiatrist who specializes in autism spectrum disorders.