Summertime Depression Causes And Solutions

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When most people think of Seasonal Affective Disorder or seasonal depression, they think of winter blues. But about 10% of people with SAD are affected during the summer. There are many other reasons that people feel low during the warmer months, some of which are:

  • Body image issues. Summer weather means wearing less clothing, which may cause some people to get depressed about their bodies.
  • Money struggles. Many families take vacations during the summer or have weddings and reunions to attend, and the increased spending as well as taking time off work can cause some financial stress. For those with children, the cost of summer activities and camps can really add up.
  • The heat. Some people love the heat, but being cooped up inside an air conditioned home to avoid the sweltering temperatures can be bad for some people’s mental health.

Here are some ideas for combatting summertime depression:

  • Talk to your doctor. Look into behavioral health services—counseling can really help.
  • Try to stick to a routine, even in the summer. Routines help prevent depression.
  • Socialize—being around your loved ones will make you feel good.
  • If money is tight, find free or inexpensive ways to have fun. Have a picnic in your local park or take day-long road trips instead of lengthy vacations.