How to Support Someone in Recovery

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We’re in the heart of National Recovery Month, a time to honor and support those in recovery from substance abuse or other disorders. If one of your loved ones has made the decision to begin a treatment program and seek help from mental health therapist, they will need your support. The support of family and friends plays a huge role in addiction recovery, but it can be difficult to know how to help. Here are some tips for being a good friend, family member or partner to someone in recovery:

  • Ask questions about how they’re doing, but don’t interrogate. You want your loved one to feel as if they can open up to you, no matter what.
  • Invite them out for activities that will not make them want to drink or use. Go hiking, see a movie, go shopping or have coffee together. Make exercise dates. You will both benefit!
  • Try to reduce the stress in your lives. Recovering alcoholics and drug users may be extra susceptible to stress, and stress is unhealthy for everyone. If you’re having family conflicts, health worries or financial concerns, seek out stress management tips and consider calling a counseling center.

Remember, while it is important to support your loved one during this challenging time, it’s also essential to take good care of yourself. Contact Dr. Lawrence if you are looking for a Orange County psychiatrist to learn more about what you can do to support those in recovery.