Traumatic Brain Injury and SPECT scans

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With an estimated 1.5 million traumatic brain injuries occurring in the United States every year, there is a great need for resources to diagnose and treat the injuries. Since early diagnosis and evaluation can greatly improve the treatment process, getting a brain SPECT scan after the injury occurs can be very beneficial.

Brain SPECT imaging is different from MRI or CT scans. SPECT scans measure blood flow and activity patterns, allowing the doctor to see which areas of the brain have low activity. Once those discoveries have been made, the patient’s psychiatrist can work on a treatment plan to balance the different areas of the brain. This eliminates the need to make diagnoses based on symptoms alone and is very beneficial to the treatment plan.

Proper diagnoses and treatment is critical to the brain health of anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Contact Orange County psychiatrist Dr. Tucker to set up a consultation.