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"Dr. Tucker is a wonderful doctor. I have three adopted children all from foster care and, especially with our first child, was able to diagnose and properly medicate her after years of failed attempts by other doctors both before and after we took her in. He works closesly with a biofeedback therapist who has also helped her tremendously. He is an incredibly knowledgable doctor and is so well versed in medications' uses, side effects, interactions, etc. He is always available if you need him and never rushes you during visits or if you call him after hours. He is fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Tucker."

"After such an abrupt and unsettling end of care with Dr. Todd Clements, we were blessed to find ourselves placed within Dr. Tucker's capable hands. He not only sees me, but both of our sons as well. He is the first psychiatrist that is approachable, listens well, is genuinely concerned with healing, and eager to know how we each are doing. Spending time with him, you leave feeling encouraged & hopeful. He has made all the difference with our severely ADHD son (specifically "Ring of Fire") and has helped all of us see this as just part of God's design for him. Very fine doctor and we are forever grateful for his care! He does return phone calls and never rushes appointments."Amy,

"Excellent doctor. He spends time with our children and actually gets their take on what is going on. He listens and makes his decisions based on everyones opinions. This doctor is not a pill pusher and is one of the few psychiatrists that will say when he thinks meds are not needed. There have been several times that we have needed advice or help and night and he always answers his phone. Also, he has never once charged us for that time! I would recommend (and do recommend him often) Dr. Tucker to anyone looking for a doctor who actually cares and knows his profession."

"Very caring and professional. Made me feel very comfortable. Accurate diagnosis and encouraging prognosis. Provided his cell phone number if I needed him. I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Tucker."Sandy S,

" All I can say is Dr. Tucker is one smart, dedicated doctor. We were desperate to find a doctor that not only practiced psychiatry, but neurology as well. My son has been seen by MANY doctors and they couldn't figure out his diagnosis or how to properly treat him. The difference with Dr. Tucker was he invested a lot of time in really studying and getting to know my son. He is not a "drive thru doc!" Dr. Tucker was able to take the time to properly diagnose my 16 year old son and treat him with appropriate meds without over medicating him. Dr. Tucker has a compassionate and caring way of dealing with my son and with me as a mother of a son with a multitude of mental health problems, such as paranoid schizophrenia along with a seizure disorder. I am so grateful for his excellent care, it saved my son's life. "–

"Dr. Tucker is a kind and compassionate Doctor. He is cautious when changing medications. He personally returns phone calls and LISTENS to my concerns. He is by far the most qualified Psychiatrist I've ever received care from and I have recommended him to many folks in need of superb care."

"One word sums up Dr. Tucker: gift. He is NOT your ordinary or typical psychiatrist. He is warm, understanding, truly concerned about his patients, and if given proper time and silence to soak up all the info we spill out onto him - you will be met with reassurance and answers. My family is better for knowing him, but we are healing because of him. This is a physician you can trust and not just a pill pusher, "Next!" type."–

"We are so lucky to have Dr. Tucker in Dallas - Plano now. He is not an "in & out" doctor but really visits with you, LISTENS, and is quite perceptive. His counseling center staff is fantastic, and even they seem to be much happier than when the previous doctor was there. (Trickle down from the top!) I'm hesitant to even write anything because I don't want to be in "competition" with other patients to get appointments."

"I first saw Dr. Tucker after Dr. Clements abruptly & mysteriously quit practicing at the Clemnents Clinic in Plano. It was a hectic time for Dr. Tucker; however, he was professional and thorough. He ordered bloodwork which Dr. Clements had never done. He followed up with me soon after he received the results. He is very knowledgable in the area of HRT and how that affects women as we age. I found his bedside manner superb. He was professional and thorough and the regimen he prescribed is working well thus far. I highly recommend him."

"Fantastic doctor. Helps tremendously with our children and is available 24/7 whenever we need him. Knows his medications better than anyone we have seen and was able to diagnose and treat with meds in one visit after other doctors failed for 4 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"–

"Dr. Tucker is extremely knowledgeable, and spends time explaining my diagnosis and treatment options to me. He has made a tremendous difference for me and my family."