What Are The Next Steps After My Child Is Diagnosed With Autism?

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After your child has been diagnosed with autism, the next step is getting them in to see a general psychiatrist who specializes in treating neurodevelopmental disorders and working with troubled youth. Their psychiatrist may or may not prescribe medication, but they will definitely work with your child on overcoming their obstacles and controlling their behavior. After awhile, you will most likely see marked improvement, especially if your child was diagnosed young and started treatment right away.

You may consider stopping counseling sessions for your autistic child after you’ve seen behavioral improvements. While it’s understandable that every parent wants a “normal” life for their child, and it may seem reasonable to stop counseling sessions once things have improved, there are real benefits to continuing their therapy sessions.

Children with autism are especially sensitive to routines and the need for a schedule. Even minor life changes can be very disruptive. Your child will develop a trusted relationship with their therapist and will need a confidant as they enter adolescence and experience life changes. Keep taking your child to their designated general therapist and watch as their behavior, confidence and trust continues to grow.