Women’s Group Helps You Get Through Father’s Day

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Are you a single mom? Is the father of your children just not in the picture anymore? Or, is he there but not really stepping up to be the father his children deserve? Father’s Day can be a tough time for you and your kids. It’s not unusual for single mothers to feel a variety of troubling emotions over a relationship that didn’t work out or even for circumstances completely outside their control – such as the death of their spouse. Anger, guilt, and grief are all common feelings on that special day to honor dads. You might be wondering:

– How do I help my children feel less lonely or abandoned if their father isn’t around?
– Is it appropriate to suggest another father figure (such as a granddad) to honor on this day?
– How can I keep my temper when I really feel like badmouthing my ex?
– Is there a something I can do to be extra kind to myself without having a pity party?

One of the best ways to get answers to your questions and talk through the tough emotions this day brings up is to participate in a women’s group. You’ll quickly realize you aren’t alone and you may learn some brand new strategies that can turn this day back into a celebration.