Pharmacological Management

Newport Beach, CA Psychotherapy & Medication Management, Psychiatry
I take a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual approach to patient care, looking at:

  • Biological contributions
  • Psychological dynamics
  • Social factors that may be influencing a person's life
  • Spiritual

I believe that by addressing these four spheres in an integrated way, patients have the best chance of moving forward in their lives.

At our clinic, I offer both psychotherapy and/or medication management for patients with a wide variety of issues, as well as Newport Beach child psychiatrist services.

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I provide both psychotherapy and medication management, and routinely see patients for medications alone who are already being seen by a therapist they know and trust. I believe in close collaboration with all other treating professionals and will work with everyone in your group, as well as outside professionals, to provide the best-integrated care possible.

Our clinic offers a personal approach to patient care, which means that, unlike other providers, I am available to patients by phone with the help of administrative staff. We encourage our patients to think about and process what has been discussed in the therapy appointments and continue to engage in the process of learning and growing even outside the therapy sessions.

While emergency issues or worsening symptoms are not appropriate topics for email or voicemail, I encourage my patients to ask questions about medications, side effects, recent events in their lives, or other issues when it is convenient for them, which may happen in between appointment times. If questions arise after your appointment, we advise patients to write them down and bring them to their next appointment or contact us via phone.

In the event a patient requires an unplanned appointment, whether during or after normal business hours, it will be billed at our normal rate.

With our patient's consent, we also reach out to family and other therapists who may be treating our patients or who play a role in their daily life. Through this collaboration, we strive to provide a more thorough and realistic treatment regimen.

If indicated, I can also be contacted to schedule another appointment in between scheduled sessions to deal with emergent issues, new crises, or more detailed situations that arise.

My accessibility to my patients is a normal part of the high-quality, comprehensive, personalized care that I provide to every patient!