Policies & Fees

Newport Beach, CA Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Medication Management


Your first visit will consist of an initial evaluation with our doctor, which usually lasts 60–90 minutes, depending on your specific presentation. Before the end of the first visit, your doctor will determine whether you will benefit from further evaluation or begin treatment. In some cases, an additional visit may be necessary to complete the initial evaluation (e.g., for someone with an extensive psychiatric history or complicated presentation) as extra time may be needed to gather information from you, speak to your family or loved ones, review past medical records or order any necessary lab work. If this is the case, your doctor will ask to schedule additional time (30–60 minutes) with you at a future date in order to complete your initial evaluation.

The initial visit is a consultation and is an opportunity to decide whether we are the right practice for you.

During the evaluation, you will be asked questions about your current symptoms, your past psychiatric history, your medical history, and other relevant information. These questions may be personal and uncomfortable to talk about, or cause discomfort in some people. You are encouraged to be as open as possible so that the most accurate information can be used to help formulate your case.

If you have past medical or psychiatric records that may be helpful, copies of laboratory results or other test results, please bring them to the first visit. Please also have available contact information of your previous psychiatrists or other physicians taking care of you so that your psychiatrist can obtain collateral information if needed.

Once you call to schedule an initial evaluation, we will e-mail you an appointment confirmation along with a link to the Forms for New Clients. Please click on the Forms For New Clients section to download the forms that are necessary to complete prior to your first visit. We recommend that you download, print out, and complete the necessary paperwork ahead of time so that you and your psychiatrist can concentrate on your current concerns and your treatment plan in your initial visit, rather than filling out paperwork. If you choose not to fill out the forms ahead of time, you should arrive 15–20 minutes before your initial appointment to fill out the paperwork.

When you arrive, please check in with the receptionist and then wait for your psychiatrist to come get you.

Medication & Consultation

Medication Policy

Medications can be prescribed after the initial evaluation has been completed. Established patients are often given enough medication and refills until the next office visit, so refills are not necessary over the phone. If you have missed or canceled an appointment, you will be provided with enough medication until the re-scheduled visit within 1–2 weeks of the missed appointment.

Psychiatrist Fees

$400 for a 60-minute initial consultation, regardless of whether it is for medications, psychotherapy, or both

$600 for a 90-minute initial consultation for children ages 7 and under, regardless of whether it is for medications, psychotherapy, or both

$200 for 30-minute follow-up visits

* Please note that I also offer 90-minute initial evaluations ($600), which allow more time to conduct a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. These can be scheduled at the patient's request or if the clinician/staff feels that the patient's presentation is complicated enough to warrant additional time at the initial visit. If you feel your needs may be better served by scheduling a 90-minute initial consultation, please let the office staff know upon scheduling your first appointment.


We do not participate in any insurance panels. Elimination of insurance obligations has allowed us to provide high-quality services that are tailored to your personal needs, not insurance company demands. Therefore, you will need to pay out-of-pocket at the time of service and obtain reimbursement from your insurance companies for out-of-network benefits. You will be provided a receipt for each visit for your submission.

**Please note that many PPO plans do provide some reimbursement for mental health care provided by an out-of-network provider, so you may get a substantial portion of our fees back from your insurance company, depending on your specific plan. We recommend you contact your insurance company to inquire about your out-of-network mental health service benefits if insurance reimbursement is an important issue.

(NOTE: For Medicare-eligible patients, we are not Medicare providers, and our services are not eligible for reimbursement by Medicare; please see the Summary of Medicare Acceptance Policy below for further information.)

Cancellation and No-Show Policies

Payments are due at the time of the visit (by cash or credit card). A block of time is reserved for your appointment, so if you need to cancel, please give at least 48 business hours of advance notice. Business hours are considered the weekdays between Monday 8 am and Friday 5 pm. For example, if you have an appointment at 4 pm on Wednesday, February 7th, you would need to cancel by 4 pm Thursday, February 3rd. Should you cancel within less than 48 business hours of the designated time or fail to appear for an appointment, you will be charged the full fee for the visit. Your insurance company will likely not reimburse you for missed sessions. Consistent attendance at follow-up appointments is important for safe medical care.

Billing and Payments 

Payments by credit cared are taken in the morning of the appointment day, which allows the patient to have their full appointment time with the doctor. Cash can be accepted upon arrival; exact change is required. If your account has payment overdue for over 60 days, we have the option of using legal means to secure payment, including collection agencies or small claims court. In most cases, the only information we would be providing would be your name, the nature of services provided, and the amount due. 

Expected Length and Frequency of Treatment

The length of treatment is individualized and determined collaboratively between you and your clinician. For medication treatment, the recommended length of treatment for most disorders is generally one year or greater, depending on your specific case. For therapy, the length of treatment can vary between 12-20 weeks to many years. Cases that are complicated by co-morbid presentations (more than one disorder) or a history of non-response to treatment may take longer.

The frequency of visits depends on the specific case. Some patients will be appropriate for weekly psychotherapy sessions to continue the process of addressing current or past issues or pursuing goals of increased self-awareness, pattern change, or interpersonal growth. For patients who are seeing one of our psychiatrists for medications alone, bi-weekly or monthly visits may be appropriate. Patients may be seen more often during initial treatment or medication adjustments. Patients on a stable medication regimen may be seen every one to three months. Continuous monitoring is important to ensure that you remain well.

Summary of Medicare Acceptance Policy

Our clinic does not participate in Medicare. By law, Medicare-eligible patients are required to enter into a private contract with Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC. and we deliver medical care on a fee-for-service basis, which is NOT reimbursable by Medicare. By accepting the treatment contract with Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC. you agree that you shall not submit a claim or ask Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC. to submit a claim for payment under Medicare for services rendered, even if such items and services would otherwise be covered by Medicare. This means that you agree not to bill Medicare or ask Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC., to bill Medicare for services rendered by our personnel. Please note that the private contract is with Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC. and applies only to our doctors. You are not compelled to enter into private contracts that apply to other Medicare-covered services furnished by other physicians or healthcare practitioners. This means that Medicare-covered services and payments are still available to you from other physicians or practitioners who have not opted out of Medicare, and therefore, you may, if you so choose, use the services of those physicians or practitioners even when you enter into this private contract with Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D., PLLC.